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Everything you need to know about applying to MOMBI can be found in this section. Click on the dropdown links below for more detailed information. Be sure to review the steps you must take, and when, in order to ensure your application receives the proper attention.


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Payment Process and Guideline



We realize that many colleges and seminars charge by the credit hour, but MOMBI is a non profit ministry dedicated to providing a quality education at the lowest possible cost. Because of this, the prices reflect the total cost of tuition for the program.  The MOMBI mission is to provide an excellent education at a fraction of normal tuition costs. 

What it Costs
MOMBI charges a fee for each course, which may vary by the length of the course or subject area. Fees are listed under individual course descriptions

 Payment Methods and Estimated Processing Time
 Internet or Debit/Credit Cards (ATM cards) issued by Nigerian banks, such as Verve, Interswitch, Naira Mastercard 2 business days

 Paypal or Western Union Money Transfer for International Students 2-3 business days

 Cash Deposit: You can also walk into any branch of GTB or UBA to pay for your fees in physical cash. Same day

 Bank Transfer: You can credit our bank account through Internet bank transfers and other electronic transfer means. Immediate

View our Return & Refund Policy


Thank you for your interest in beginning -- or continuing -- your educational journey at Mt. Olives Ministerial Bible Institute. MOMBI welcomes your application and we look forward to getting to know you throughout the application process.  


Admission to MOMBI is open to all. In all programs or operations of the Institute, no distinction is made between persons on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, age, disability, religion or national origin.


MOMBI realizes and understands the confidential nature of student records. Student records will not be released to a third party without the student’s written permission. At MOMBI we respect and honor your right to privacy and exercise extreme care in keeping your records confidential.

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Application Fee of $10 – Paid after submitting the completed application form.


Accept your Offer of Admission

Congratulations on your admission to the Mt. Olives Ministerial Bible Institute! We look forward to welcoming you to the MOMBI family.
To accept your offer of admission, please check the formal offer of admission email sent to you from MOMBI that enable you to login to the "Admission Acceptance Form" page to completing your Offer of Admission.

You should respond to your offer within 2 weeks via the Admissions" page to either accept or decline the offer being made to you. If you do not confirm your Offer of Admission by the Confirmation Deadline Date, your Offer of Admission will expire.

Changing your start date

If I am admitted, but am unable to attend, is it possible to defer until the next year?
If you no longer wish to start your course in the term for which you have received an offer, you may be able to defer your offer to another start date within the same academic year. If deferral for your course is possible,
If the request for deferral is refused, your original offer will remain valid for the current year. You can also reinstate your application for consideration the following year as long as the program is running. 

If your deferral is granted you will need to secure your deferred offer for next year  you must pay a non-refundable deposit of $47.00. This amount will be offset against your tuition fees when you register at MOMBI

If you fail to take up your place the following year you would need to reapply.
IMPORTANT: Only students having paid their first fees can be granted deferral of admission. Subsequent requests for deferral are considered new applications and you will need to apply to MOMBI again (this includes submitting an additional application fee). Once your request has been granted, you will receive a new Letter of Acceptance in one to two weeks.

Deferral conditions
Deferment Of Studies Application Form