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♦ No campus residency required. 
♦ No need to relocate.
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♦ No requirements to be online.
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MOMBI is accredited by the Association of Independent Christian Colleges & Seminaries (AICCS), 4617 Briargate DR St Charles, MO 63304. Tel: (636) 922-1810.


MOMBI is affiliated with Gospel Ministers & Churches International. 3233 West Peoria Avenue - Suite 101. Phoenix, AZ 85029 - USA. Phone: 602.277.1953.


Mt. Olives Ministerial Bible Institute - MOMBI was founded in 1999, by visionary leader Dr Michael Nissi (DMN). The purpose of the school is to recruit and train leadership for the church at large according to the New Testament teaching. MOMBI remains exclusively committed to pursuing this purpose.

Through the years, growth has come in resources, and alumni. Graduates of  MOMBI are serving across the nation and around the world.

MOMBI’s impact has become not merely regional, but global. With the worldwide placement of MOMBI’s graduates, alumni are serving the Lord’s kingdom in the “uttermost parts of the earth.



To develop graduates and Christian leaders who glorify God and demonstrate their love for God and others by living a biblical lifestyle as they serve God in their families, their local churches, the West, and the worl


Training people to live, work and fulfill their Kingdom assignment in this earth through exampling, teaching, preaching, discipling, baptizing, serving according to the Word of God.


In fulfilling this mission we are committed to:

  The ultimate authority and sufficiency of the Word of God
♦  A biblically sound partnership with the local church
♦  An intellectually rigorous pursuit of ultimate and applied truth
♦  A global perspective of the body of Christ
♦  A spirit of gracious yet fearless engagement in the world
♦  Learning that consists of content, incarnation, and action
♦  An education accessible to all who truly desire it
♦  Knowledge which results in humility rather than arrogance

We accomplish our mission by:

♦  Establishing a comprehensive understanding of the Bible and a consistent practice of applying it.
♦  Developing servant-leaders, equipped for lives of sacrificial ministry as part of a community of believers regardless of their chosen vocation.
♦  Encouraging growth in the student’s whole person, manifested in a worldview that demonstrates a passion for God and a love for all kinds of people.
♦  Developing effective thinkers, communicators, and problem solvers.
♦  Cultivating gracious and educated contributors to contemporary society.
♦  Fostering an understanding of God’s global purposes.
♦  Partnering with the local church in order to ensure personal training and application to every area of life.
♦  Providing an inexpensive education that is accessible to all regardless of gender, ethnicity, income, or geographical location.


Establishing Christians in the faith by:

a. developing a knowledge and understanding of the Word of God 
b. teaching and requiring Christian discipline 
d. to strengthen churches by training and equipping ministers and laymen for effective service

MOMBI approaches education from within the framework of biblical theism, which provides a coherent perspective on life and the world. Following are the principal ingredients of our academic profession of faith:

We acknowledge the centrality of God's person and authority over all of life. God reveals Himself through His created order, the Scriptures, the work of His Spirit, and uniquely in His Son, Jesus Christ. Those within the MOMBI community who have come to experience God as Father by faith in His Son know God in a personal way and seek to submit to His kingly authority in all aspects of life.

Men and women are created by God for a unique role-that of responsible image bearers and responsive servants. As such, they have dignity and worth. Although fallen creatures, they are the object of God's redeeming love and through Christ can know God and His revelation. Because humans are called to honor God with their whole being, the Institute is committed to the total development of its students.

All creation testifies to the God Who called it into existence, sustains it and remains sovereign over it. From this, creation derives its coherence and meaning. By virtue of the redeeming work of Christ, creation can be directed to God's service and glory.
The world of creation is entrusted to us. Our task is to discover, develop responsibly & care for it, for the benefit of all.

Faith and Learning
Truth has its origins in God, Who has chosen to reveal Himself and His truth to us. Knowledge of God is the proper setting for all understanding. Reason exercised in the framework of a faith commitment to God will nurture our faith and expand our knowledge. For us faith and learning are inseparable.

Christian Calling
The Christian's purpose in life is to enjoy God and His creation, to serve God and others, to bear witness to the Lordship of Christ and to reform society, culture and the Church by the application of Christian thought and values in all dimensions of human endeavor.