Now that you’ve taken root and begun to grow in this special corner of the Lord’s vineyard, we encourage you to stay focused and remain determined to finish well.  We’ll support your quest for success in every way we can.

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Communication in MOMBI between students and instructors will be done through the Student Message Center.
The Student Message Center is an official MOMBI communications tool, that centralizes all course-specific communication.
Using the Student Message Center makes it easy to streamline all your messages and communicate with your instructor.


1. Preparing Your Manuscript For Submission
You will submit your manuscript in one of two ways:
Regardless of your submission method, there are several things that you can do to optimize your manuscript.

2. Thesis shall be written according to the formal standards reported below. Consequently, theses drawn up in a different way will not be accepted: 
1 Thesis shall have a length of 30,000 words at least 
2  Pages must be of 32-35 lines each, every line must contain 65-70 characters of the following type fonts: times, courier, helvetica. 
3  Double-sided printing (front and back) 
4 Cover and spine must be of a pale colour and in thin and not glossy cardboard. Thesis must be book bound. Spirals, rings, rivets, plastic or otherwise are not accepted. 
5  Figures and tables must be in A4 or A3 format 
6  The box containing the tables must be appropriate in size and thickness (A3). 
7  Theses cannot include any Institution logo. 
Structure of Doctor of Ministry’s theses: 
- Introduction of theses (object, tasks, hypothesis, actuality, research methodology, sources, structure of theses, new approach) 
- Content (analysis) 
- Conclusions 
- List of Sources / Bibliography 
- Annexes 
Students writing final thesis are required to complete academic research using the appropriate methodology. Students must also demonstrate relevant analytical skills to successfully complete the final project. The work must be well structured in order to clearly and directly present the results of the completed research. The use of a wide range of academic literature is encouraged. While writing their final theses, students are required to meet regularly with their thesis supervisors and consult with them. 

3. Electronic Thesis Submission Process

After completing the manuscript, the student logs into MOMBI under the "Forms" link, note that you will be asked to enter your student User Name and Password before you can access the upload thesis form. From the forms page, click on Submitting thesis.

The student must then enter all information (object, tasks, hypothesis, actuality, research methodology, sources, structure of theses, new approach, etc.) into the MOMBI website regarding his or her thesis.The student then uploads a PDF file of the thesis. The conversion can be accomplished offline using Adobe Acrobat or similar software.

The student is then prompted to upload any supplemental files he or she may want to include with the submission. These files would include picture, audio, video, animations, simulations, etc. After reviewing the submission, the thesis supervisors will contact the student for any revisions necessary. If revisions are necessary, the student will make the changes in his or her original document, reconvert to pdf and submit the changes online through the student account page.

To submit supplementary files (such as multi-media files or data files) along with your thesis, you must follow the procedures below. Ensure your supplementary files are of the types listed below or they will not be accepted.

a. Files that total more than 500MB should be sent to us on CD or DVD.
b. Reference each supplementary file in its own appendix in your Dissertation:
Create a separate appendix for the supplementary file. Make sure the appendices created for any supplementary files are referred to in the Table of Contents of your Dissertation.
4. Inclusion of other people's copyrighted material

Including material produced by other authors in your thesis can serve a legitimate research purpose, but you want to avoid copyright infringement in the process. Republishing someone else's work, even in abbreviated form, requires permission from the author or copyright owner. You must receive permission from the author(s) and include it with your submission. 

5. Paper Thesis Submission

Students submitting in paper (hard-copy) must present two unbound copies of their thesis to MOMBI. Students are responsible for all expenses incurred in the production of their thesis.

1  Your work must be submitted in duplicate. MOMBI will retain a copy. 
2  It must be bound. Your name should be clearly indicated on the cover. 
Do not print copies of your thesis until after your electronic submission has been approved by the thesis supervisors. The paper copy to be bound must be identical to the electronic copy that was approved, so you must wait for that approval before proceeding. Printed copies may be single-sided or double-sided.

6, Prepare Supporting Documents

Grants permission to MOMBI to include your thesis in its collection. The student, as author, still retains copyright.

7. Copyright Permission Letters

if you have copyright permission letters allowing inclusion of another person’s work in your thesis, the letters must accompany your thesis.
All assignments that are submitted in hard copy must have an assignment cover sheet attached. These are available by clicking on the Download Coversheet link below.

Assignments that are being submitted in hard copy should be mailed to:

Mailing address : 27, Kadiri Street, Igbo-elerin, IBA. Lagos - Nigeria, WA 23401 

Final check before posting
Before you post your hardcopy assignment, check that:
1 Your name, assignment number and the unit code is on your assignment
2 You have attached a printed assignment coversheet and the declaration has been signed
3 Your name and return address is included on the envelope
Receipt and return of hardcopy assignments
There currently is no way to see the receipt or return dates online of assignments submitted or returned in hardcopy. This feature is scheduled for development. In the meantime, contact the Admin if you have enquiries about the return of your assignment.

Download `Coversheet through the "Forms & Documents" menu tab, on this page.
Congratulations on completing and submitting your thesis.
Note:  Thesis can be submitted After you have been admitted into the program, within 30 days therein.


Before you send in your work (if applicable)

Do a final check and make sure you have
1 completed, and included, all parts of the assignment.
2 proofread your work; if it’s a softcopy (electronic copy) use a spell checker but remember that a spell checker won't pick up every mistake. Also check the references and appendices, if applicable.
3 made a copy of your assignment for your own files and as a backup in case the original is lost. (And remember, when your marked work is returned, you should keep it for at least six months after you have completed your course.)

 Depending on your course, you may have the option of 
posting your assignment, or
submitting it electronically via the student account webpage. 
Your instructor will decide what kinds of submissions are appropriate for each Assignment. 
Note: Not all file types may be available for your Assignment, depending on the assignment submission type set by your instructor.

 Submitting your assignment electronically via either:
Upload a file 
To upload a file from your computer and submit as your assignment.
Submit a text entry
Type or copy and paste text into the Rich Content Editor.
Enter a website URL
Type or copy and paste the URL into the Website URL field. 
Submit media
Record or upload media. Follow the instructions given to you. Click Submit Assignment when you are done.

Important: after your assignment is successfully submitted, your digital receipt will be displayed on screen. The digital receipt has a Submission ID number, which is confirmation that MOMBI has received your assignment. If you do not see a digital receipt with a Submission ID number, then your assignment was not successfully received by MOMBI

 Posting your assignment (Hardcopy submission)
1 Make sure all the pages are included, that the pages are numbered and your details are included on each page.
2 Staple the assignment in the top left corner only.
3 Attach the MOMBI Assignment Return Cover Sheet provided with your course material - check your name, address and student ID. If the information is incorrect, please let us know. 
5 If you don’t have an Assignment Return Sheet, Log in to your Account below to Download One.
6 Post your assignment in the freepost, self-addressed envelope provided.

1 Don’t post, fax or email assignments directly to MOMBI, as they won’t be tracked, read or marked.
2 Send in one copy of your assignment only.
3 Check your deadlines and make every effort to submit your assignment by the due date. If you are not able to meet a due date, please use the "Application for Extension of Time for Submission of an Assessment Task" provided with your course material (if applicable)  – don’t wait until after the due date has passed. You may be granted an extension of up to two weeks but this is not a right and you can't assume that you will be given an extension.
Submit Your Assignment Electronically.


During your time at MOMBI you may be required to fill out a form related to your studies. We've put together a list of the most commonly used forms.


Assignment Cover Sheet  

Request to defer Of Assessment  (online)

Your assignment ought to be in Microsoft Word or in PDF format. Make sure that your assignment document has a file extension. E.g. essay1.doc or essay1.pdf; NOT essay1. Also make sure that your bibliography is attached to the same file as your assignment. Do not upload your assignment and bibliography in separate files unless instructed so by your instructor.
If you are unable to log into the Student Account, or if you wish to hold a transcript for grades, you may request an electronic transcript using the Transcript Request Form below. In lieu of a mailing address, please provide the recipient’s name and email address, as well as your email address for confirmation. Please note that requests submitted using the request form are handled during regular operating hours, so please anticipate extended processing times. 

After you have successfully completed your studies. To receive your graduation package you need to apply by lodging the completed Application for graduation form:

Print a paper application to be completed and uploaded using the form below:


On this page, you can find out how you will receive graduation documents and what information they contain
All students will be issued one free copy of their certificates, diplomas and degrees — also called parchments upon graduation. One free copy of your academic transcript will also be posted to you within two weeks.

The date of completion is the date of the last successfully passed examination and/or fulfilled program requirements.
Graduands in Debt to the Institute:
Graduands who are in debt to Mt.Olives Ministerial Bible Institute - MOMBI may not be permitted to graduate until the debt has been cleared. Unpaid fees or fines must be cleared prior to the official release of results. If a debt is cleared later than this, the application will be automatically transferred to the next round of ceremonies.

Once you are eligible to graduate we will mail you your graduation information. You should receive this information approximately one week after the release of results. You will be sent general graduation information.
If you believe you are eligible to graduate and do not receive your graduation information, please contact your Supervisor/Instructor.


The Graduation Fee for all students is $110 which must be paid via the Student Billing Center at least one week prior to your graduation.

Once you've successfully completed the STEP 1-5. You may move on to STEP 6 to apply for graduation. Refer to the link below.

Changes in personal details

You can keep us informed of a change of address, phone number or email address using the form below.

Transcript Request

Transcripts are confidential records and must be ordered by the student whose record is being requested.
Your Privacy is important to us. Your transcript is confidential; it is a document that requires your signature to be released. To ensure security and privacy, requests will not be accepted over the telephone or via email.
To request a transcript, please download through the "Forms & Documents" menu tab, on this page and fill out our transcript request form. After filling in all required information, please print,sign, and return to us through the "Forms & Documents" page.
Cost – Free!
Attention Main Office
Your signature authorizes the release of your transcript and ensures your academic records are not released without your approval.