FAQs About Admissions

Do you accept students who do not speak English as their first language?
While we welcome people from all backgrounds, a basic working knowledge of English is necessary. People for whom English is a second language should contact Us.
What Learning Format Is Available?
All MOMBI degree programs are available 100% online. 
How Do I Apply
Browse for a course by subject using the Academics page. After you have carefully selected a course of interest, click "APPLY" button. You will be presented with a screen that allows you to begin the application process, complete this form as the initial part of the enrollment process
What are the next steps after I submit my application?        

Once all necessary information has been received, your file will be forwarded for an initial review. Our Admissions Office will update you on the progress of your application and inform you of any further materials your program of interest may require. You’ve waited at least 5 business days from the date of submission of the application, you are now ready to receive update on the progress of your application!
How quickly will the admission decision be made on my application?  
Our goal is to have an admissions officer assess your application, update your application status, and send correspondence to you within 1 week by an e-mail.
What does it mean if my status is “incomplete”?      
If you submit your application and are missing one or more requirements, your application status will be updated to “incomplete” and you will receive an e-mail stating that you must provide proof of meeting the missing requirement(s).
What happens if I’m accepted?        
After processing your application, and you have been accepted, you will be sent a formal offer of admission. You should respond to your offer within 1 week to either accept or decline the offer being made to you. If you accept the offer, we will send you information on payment of fees subject to you meeting all conditions of entry as stated in your formal offer letter. If you do not confirm your Offer of Admission by the Confirmation Deadline Date, your Offer of Admission will expire.
If I am accepted can I defer my admission to a later date?

You can request that your admission be deferred, with information on the reasons for your deferral and what you plan to do during the period of deferral. Your request will be reviewed and you will be notified of the decision. If your request to defer is granted, you will need to deposit 50 per cent at enrolment to secure your space.
What is the tuition?

MOMBI charges a fee for each course, which may vary by the length of the course or subject area. Fees are listed under individual course descriptions.
How do I pay my tuition?

Please reference the payment options page. This will contain all methods of payment for completing your transactions. Should you have any questions, please contact Us
How are test and exams administered with your online learning classes?
Not all MOMBI courses require test or thesis, but those that do are sent to a separate page with a login and password to the test page. 
How do I receive my Degree, Diploma, Certificate? 
Printed certificates, diplomas and degrees — also called parchments — are produced and mailed out, typically occurs 1-2 weeks after the successful completion of requirements.
Arrange for shipping and receiving materials     
Normally, MOMBI will produce and ship at the institute expense to any specified address via a registered postal service.
What happens if there is a mistake on my Degree, Diploma, Certificate?     
Contact MOMBI through the student message center. Item will be corrected at no charge if the MOMBI Staff makes a mistake. Make sure your spelling, capitalization and punctuation marks are like you want them on your certificate
Can I suspend or withdraw from my studies?     
An Application for Program Withdrawal may be made at any time, however fees are non-refundable after the first 2 days of your program
Change of Course/Degree program     
If you are in doubt as to the suitable of the program of study you are following, you should discuss the matter with your Departmental/Program Tutor immediately. It is important that you rise and settle any problem as early as possible in the first term, if you wish to transfer to another degree program without extending or interrupting your period of study. While you will be given all possible help and advice in the choice of degree program, transfer from your original program to another cannot be guaranteed. You must be able to satisfy the entrance requirements for your proposed new program; a place must be available on it; and it must be practical for you to complete the new program satisfactorily. In order to apply to change program, contact MOMBI via the student message Center providing an explanation of why they wish to change program.
You cannot automatically assume that you will allowed to change program.

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