Program Overview

1.    The MOMBI Affiliate Program will allow your ministry to operate as an affiliate of  MT. OLIVES MINISTERIAL BIBLE INSTITUTE under our umbrella.  

2.    MT. OLIVES MINISTERIAL BIBLE INSTITUTE will provide administrative and operations support.

3.    We will provide access to the curriculum offered for this program. Each site location is given permission to reproduce copies and is responsible for all printing if needed. Have the freedom to add your own topics and academic material to MOMBI courses

4.    Each affiliate site will teach the courses, proctor all exams and tests as well as grade the work, keep academic records and provide direct correspondence with the students who are enrolled in their school.
5.    Students will be considered graduates of the affiliate school and all awards will be presented and or conferred by the affiliate school.
6.    Each affiliate will pay to MT. OLIVES MINISTERIAL BIBLE INSTITUTE the annual fees that were agreed upon in the affiliate agreement contract.
7.    We exercise no control over the affiliate school.  Each location is responsible for its own operating costs and expenditures.  We only provide the organizational materials and curriculum to enable you to fulfill your vision.
8.    MOMBI provides access to an online student information system

Responsibilities of an Affiliate Bible School:

•    Each Affiliate School must independently sign a Bible School Contract.
•    MOMBI contracts may not be transferred to another School.
•    MOMBI curriculum cannot be reproduced in any way without written permission.
•    This contract is for a two year period and renewable annually thereafter.

*There will be an assessment and evaluation process each year to determine if School will continue as School Affiliates.

MOMB will Provide the following:

•    A letter of Acceptance
•    A Covenant Agreement Document
•    An Affiliation Certificate
•    Administrative Manual to help in the daily operations of the School


•    An annual international equipping conference for the head of your School
•    Encouragement, advice, prayer and possible visits by an MOMB staff
•    MOMB Monthly Newsletter downloadable from the MOMB Website
•    Opportunities to attend  MOMB affiliate Conferences/ Graduations.


•    $150.00 per year payable to MOMBI
•    $35.00 Processing and Materials Fee
•    30% Tuition Payment per Student
•    20% Graduation Payment per Student

Affiliation Process

•    Complete School-based online application form.
•    Upon approval of your membership you will then be issued with your MOMBI welcome letter, as well as your membership invoice for annual membership fees
•    Upon receiving your proof of payment we will send you your membership pack. (Certificate and a Membership Card

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Application Fee of $30 – Paid after submitting the completed application form.