The purpose of Undergraduate study at MOMBI is to familiarize students with the content and concepts of the Bible, and adds quality and value to their life and ministry. Building a strong Biblical foundation and ministry-led understanding of theology.
Nurture your spiritual formation and creating an awareness of global Christian ministry opportunities as your leadership develops.

Certificate In Biblical Studies

With 7 different subject areas is intended for students who desire to serve the Lord in ministry and desire special training

Bachelor In Christian Ministry

Bachelor Degree in Christian Ministry (BCM), educates students for the practice of ministry within a challenging and diverse global community.

Bachelor of Theology

The Bachelor of Theology combines a rigorous academic training in Theology with a strong emphasis on theological reflection 

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies Program seeks to guide students to understand, develop, and utilize

Associate of Biblical Studies

The Associate of Biblical Studies degree is designed for beginning ministry students. The program is a basic program, established upon the study of key books of the Bible ..