The M.Div. offers an innovative and distinctive approach to the theological curriculum which aims at an integrative, holistic approach to theological study. The study of at least one biblical language (either Greek or Hebrew) is required for all students. The MDiv is a primary path to ordination for candidates with degrees in areas other than theology. The course offers in-depth study in a range of areas, and a distinctive emphasis on integrative studies.  

CORE COURSES (48 Credits)

Course Code Course Name Credits
MDI-103 Biblical Language


MDI-104 Biblical Studies 4
MDI-207 Christian Life and Ministry 4
MDI-406 Pastoral Studies 6
MDI-306 Moral Theology 6
MDI-409 Church History 4
MDI-309 Christology, and Church 6
MDI-311 Spiritual Formation 4
MDI-302 Biblical Hebrew 6
MDI-304 New Testament Greek 6
MDI-309 Ethics 6
MDI-309 Theology and Worship  

Minimum of 12 Courses Module

Elective Courses

Course Code Course Name Credits
MDI-2131-C Church History I: Early and Medieval 4
MDI-2231-C Church History II: Reformation and Modern 4
CR4041-R Systematic Theology 1 — God and Creation 6
CR4116-R Systematic Theology 2 — Christ and the Church 6
CR4206-R Systematic Theology 3 — Salvation and Eschatology 4

Total Credits: 63 Credits

Comprehensive exam or thesis: 

Each student is required to demonstrate superior performance on a comprehensive examination covering the major area of study. In lieu of the exam, a student may choose to write a thesis in one major area. This thesis research project is counted as one of the eight course credits required

Learning Outcomes

  1. Experience holistic formation with emphasis on Christ-like character and spiritual vitality.

  2. Develop competence in biblical literacy and interpretation, the history of Christianity and theological reflection from a Renewal perspective.

  3. Prepare for Christ-centered leadership in the education, training and development of communities served.

  4. Enhance their global competence for balanced understanding, practice and participation in diverse contemporary contexts of life.

  5. Advance their proficiency in the content, theory and practice of ministerial leadership.

  6. Advance their proficiency in a specialized area of theological studies.

Potential Careers

  1. Linguist

  2. Senior Pastor

  3. Pastor

  4. Teaching Pastor

  5. Global Evangelist

  6. Church Administration

  7. Religious Administrator

  8. Missionary

  9. Religious Author



Applicants to the M.A. degree program should have achieved a high level of intellectual, social, and religious maturity. 

Previous Educational Experience 

► Applicants should possess intellectual inquisitiveness and imagination, and the ability to communicate effectively in speech and in writing. Consequently, applicants are required to must have completed one of our bachelor’s degree programs or its equivalent from any other recognized institutions.

Give evidence of a bachelor’s degree gained with average grades from  any other recognized institutions, or an equivalent degree. 

► A completed Application form. 

► Autobiographical Statement (300 words)

► An official transcript of the course/s completed.

► One copy of a recent photograph (passport size) in addition to the one affixed to the student profile page.

Acceptable forms of identification: e.g., Valid National ID, Driver's License, or International Passport.


TIME TO COMPLETE: 20 Weeks or less


At MOMBI. We lay a Strong emphasis on writing, rather than questions and answers Examination (which is what many students are looking for). Your grades are earned entirely from writing a review on a selected courses module after a lot of reading, thinking, explaining, and writing. Many of the writing are word for word from the coursework. Student get more out of writing rather than questions and answers.



How much does it cost to complete M.A. degree from application to graduation?

Total Cost: $370  

Explanation of Costs

Tuition—$270. This is the charge for teaching and instruction.
Graduation Fee--- $100. A graduation fee is charged to all degree applicants. The fee is nonrefundable. This fee covers the cost of degree audits and evaluations and shipping supplies and expenses.
*Tuition and costs are subject to change without notice.