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16 weeks (4-months)


$260 (₦98,000)


$15 (₦4,000) - Nonrefundable


The Master of Arts in Christian Studies degree program at MOMBI is designed for people who want to increase their knowledge and develop their skills in religious leadership and the practice of ministry in daily life while pursuing specific interests in a focused area of study.

The M.A. degree is learner-designed and focuses on the achievement of the specific learning objectives and outcomes of each student. Students, with faculty approval, designate an academic specialization that reflects the individualized course of study included in their degree plan.


Students are required to take the designated number of credits in each of the core areas listed below:

► Religion and Society

► Spirituality, Liturgy, Worship

► Ethics

► Theology

► Moral Theology

► Church History


Core studies requirements: 21 credits
Specialization courses: 15 credits
Final Paper/Project or Thesis: 6 credits


♦ Church History I: Early and Medieval

♦ Church History II: Reformation and Modern

♦ Systematic Theology 1 — God and Creation

♦ Systematic Theology 2 — Christ and the Church

♦ Systematic Theology 3 — Salvation and Eschatology

♦ Final Paper/Project or Thesis (students select one) 6 credits

► do in-depth research in both primary and secondary sources related to theological studies.
► understand and critique the major issues in theological scholarship and the main views on those issues.
► complete a significant, scholarly dissertation that has practical value for the Christian community and the academic community.
► develop and employ a fully-formed Biblical Theology and Biblical Hermeneutics in all scholarly research.
► communicate effectively through one or more of the following: preaching, teaching, evangelism, and writing.
► develop scholarly research practices that are compatible with the objectives of the academy of professional scholars.
► develop skills and knowledge that will contribute to the strength of Evangelical scholarship and the Christian church
► faithfully and honestly represent and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in all scholarly endeavors and contexts

♦ Applicants to the M.A. degree program should have achieved a high level of intellectual, social, and religious maturity.
♦ Previous Educational Experience
♦ Applicants should possess intellectual inquisitiveness and imagination, and the ability to communicate effectively in speech and in writing. Consequently, applicants are required to must have completed one of our bachelor’s degree programs or its equivalent from any other recognized institutions. Give evidence of a bachelor’s degree gained with average grades from any other recognized institutions, or an equivalent degree.
♦ A completed Application form.
♦ Autobiographical Statement (300 words)
♦ An official transcript of the course/s completed, if applicable.
♦ One copy of a recent photograph (passport size) in addition to the one affixed to the student profile page.
♦ Acceptable forms of identification: e.g., Valid National ID, Driver's License, or International Passport.

► Applicants meeting MOMBI’s admissions requirements are considered without regard to race, gender, or disability.