MOMBI welcomes the opportunity to receive Recommendations and Nominations of persons in the ministry who deserve the Special Recognition and Honor of receiving the Honorary Doctor of Philosophy Degree. However each applicant must meet the following criteria established by the MOMBI Board of Trustees which will also be based upon their evaluation of information provided about the candidates. 

The Honorary Doctor of Philosophy Degrees earned at MOMBI are religious degrees, not academic; not to be confused with a Ph.D. in Physics, English, Chemistry or some other academic field. Collecting written work from you is one of several factors making the religious Degree legal and legitimate, as opposed to being merely honorary. Our degrees are bonafide legitimate religious Doctorate Degrees because we are a recognized organization that exists not just on the Internet, but in the brick and mortar realm.


  1. A completed Online Application form. 
  2. Autobiographical Statement (300 words) – and reasons for desiring the Ph.D. 
  3. One copy of a recent photograph (passport size) in addition to the one affixed to the student profile page.
  4. Acceptable forms of identification: e.g., Valid National ID, Driver's License, or International Passport. A personal ID Card may be consider. 
  5. Pay the one-time only fee of $200 after submitting the application. (All fees are payable in U.S. Dollars or Naira only.) 
  6. Prepare a 4-5 page Dissertation on one of the following topics: ( read more about Submitting Your Dissertation On Line)
  • The Life of Christ
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Youth Ministries
  • Sacred Music
  • Church Growth Methods
  • World Missions
  • Divine Healing
  • Heaven and Hell
  • The Five Fold Ministry
  • Evangelism
Once the above steps are all met, we will send you your beautiful bonafide honorary degree -- with raised seal, and official logo.
Honorary Degree Applicants who wish to order for their award in Glass Plaque should consider the following additional price range:

Honorary glass-plaque  = $80 or Honorary wood-plaque  = $60
♦ MOMBI will not consider an application for Honorary Doctorate Degree until the institute has received the above informations.
♦ Document which are defaced or which appear to be altered in any way WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
♦ All submitted documents become the property of MOMBI and will not be returned or transferred to a third party.
♦ The MOMBI reserves the right to reject an application for Honorary Doctorate Degree, withdraw an offer and/or prohibit registration if the offer for admission is found to be based in whole or in part on deception or fraud.