Graduate degrees at MOMBI are professional development opportunities for ministers and professionals with a number of years of industry or ministry experience. Will prepare the student for ministry in a variety of contexts including teaching, campus ministry, missions, evangelism, writing and research, administration, church and parachurch groups and personal enrichment.

Master Of Arts Degree

The M.A. degree program at MOMBI is designed for people who want to increase their knowledge and develop their skills in religious leadership and the practice of ministry...

Master Of Theology

The Master of Theology (Th.M.) degree is for those called to full-time Christian ministry. These courses will offer intensive study in theology and apologetics.

Doctor Of Philosophy In Religion

The Ph.D. program provides Christian education for pastors, chaplains, denominational leaders, authors, teachers and researchers in theological ...

Master Of Divinity

The M.Div. offers an innovative and distinctive approach to the theological curriculum which aims at an integrative, holistic approach to theological study. 

Doctor Of Theology

The Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) program provides students with academically rigorous training, comparable to the demands of the Ph.D., focused on the ministries ...

Doctor Of Ministry Degree

The Doctor of Ministry Degree offers pastors, missionaries and leaders an opportunity for professional and personal growth. The program will provide ministers ...