MOMBI issues grades on a 4.0 system. To successfully graduate from the program and to have your transcript mailed to you, you must complete all the required work per course and you must accumulate the specified number of credits as well as meet the requirements outlined by the program. Students must achieve a Quality Point Average of 2.00 or better in order to graduate from any of our program. The grade is given to the student via the student account page.

The following is the distribution of values given as they correspond to the letter grades:

Grade Numerical Equivalent Quality Points
A+ 96 - 100 4.0
A 86-95 4.0
A- 80-85 3.8
B+ 77-79 3.5
B 74-76 3.0
B- 70-73 2.8
C+ 67-69 2.5
C 64-66 2.0
C- 60-63 1.8
D+ 57-59 1.5
D 54-56 1.0
D- 50-53 0.8
F 49 & under 0

Meaning of Letter Equivalency

A      -     Excellent: outstanding accomplishment in mastering the subject
B      -     Very good: better-than-average accomplishment in mastering the subject
C      -     Satisfactory: fulflls the requirements and has made acceptable progress towards mastering the subject
D      -     Passing: defcient in some respects but meets the minimum standards for obtaining credit in the subject
F      -     Failure: falls below the minimum standards of accomplishment and must be repeated to obtain credit
X      -     Course dropped without penalty
XF    -     Course dropped with penalty

Director of Studies are responsible for establishing final grades for students. Students should resolve any questions about a final grade with their instructor as soon as possible after it has been issued. Students have three weeks (21 days) from the date a grade is issued to dispute it. After three-week grace period, the final grade will stand. Any changes after that period will be determined by the Director of Studies and accompanied with the respective fee.


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