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16 weeks (4-months)


$250 (₦96,000)


$15 (₦4,000) - Nonrefundable


The Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) program provides students with academically rigorous training, comparable to the demands of the Ph.D., focused on the ministries and practices of Christian communities. The program centers upon areas of study such as worship, preaching, evangelism, and the arts. At the same time, the Th.D. program seeks to place such practices into creative interdisciplinary conversation with the established academic discourses of biblical studies, historical studies, and theology and ethics. The interdisciplinary scope of the program extends, as well, to other areas of the university and addresses fresh areas of research such as the intersection of divinity and health care, or peacemaking and reconciliation


► THD-600 Church History and Mission
► THD-601 Systematic Theology
► THD-602 The Day of the Lord, The Key To Understanding End-Time Prophecy
► THD-603 Old Testament Theology
► THD-604 Increasing the Anointing
► THD-605 Dream Interpretation
► THD-607 Introduction to the Prophetic Ministry
► THD-606 Prophetic Intercession
► THD-608 Biblical Archaeology and History of Antiquity

♦ Dissertation: students submit a dissertation as part of the Th.D. program.

Program Credits: 60


► MDI-2131-C Discipleship

► MDI-2231-C Evangelism & Church Planting

► CR4041-R Expository Preaching

► CR4116-R Pastoral Counseling

► CR4206-R Pastoral Leadership

► do in-depth research in both primary and secondary sources related to theological studies.
► understand and critique the major issues in theological scholarship and the main views on those issues.
► complete a significant, scholarly dissertation that has practical value for the Christian community and the academic community.
► develop and employ a fully-formed Biblical Theology and Biblical Hermeneutics in all scholarly research.
► communicate effectively through one or more of the following: preaching, teaching, evangelism, and writing.
► develop scholarly research practices that are compatible with the objectives of the academy of professional scholars.
► develop skills and knowledge that will contribute to the strength of Evangelical scholarship and the Christian church
► faithfully and honestly represent and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in all scholarly endeavors and contexts

♦ Students wanting to enter the Doctor of Theology Degree program must have completed one of our Masters Degree program before admission into the program is granted, or its equivalent from any other recognized institutions.
♦ A completed Application form.
♦ Autobiographical Statement (300 words)
♦ An official transcript of the course/s completed, if applicable.
♦ One copy of a recent photograph (passport size) in addition to the one affixed to the student profile page.
♦ Acceptable forms of identification: e.g., Valid National ID, Driver's License, or International Passport.
♦ Dissertation. The Th.D. dissertation is the bulk of the doctoral program, (Dissertation can be submitted After you have been admitted into the program, within 30 days therein.)