Changing your start date

If I am admitted, but am unable to attend, is it possible to defer until the next year?
If you no longer wish to start your course in the term for which you have received an offer, you may be able to defer your offer to another start date within the same academic year. If deferral for your course is possible,
If the request for deferral is refused, your original offer will remain valid for the current year. You can also reinstate your application for consideration the following year as long as the program is running. 

If your deferral is granted you will need to secure your deferred offer for next year  you must pay a non-refundable deposit of $47.00. This amount will be offset against your tuition fees when you register at MOMBI

If you fail to take up your place the following year you would need to reapply.
IMPORTANT: Only students having paid their first fees can be granted deferral of admission. Subsequent requests for deferral are considered new applications and you will need to apply to MOMBI again (this includes submitting an additional application fee). Once your request has been granted, you will receive a new Letter of Acceptance in one to two weeks.

Deferral conditions
  • You must accept your Offer of Admission for the term to which you were initially admitted by the deadline stated on the offer.
  • You will not be required to reapply through the MOMBI Application Centre.
  • You must submit a written request (see below) at least one week prior to the beginning of the term to which you were initially admitted.
  • You must explain your reasons for requesting the deferral and summarize your plans for the deferral period. Include your Student ID number, first and last name, the program you are requesting the deferral for, and the term you would like to start your studies. 
  • Your deferral may not exceed 3 academic terms (1 year).
  • Normally, a deferral will be granted only if you have not undertaken full-time academic studies during the deferral period unless those studies are deemed to enrich your education and will not negatively affect your admissibility. Each case will be considered on an individual basis.
  • You must meet all conditions outlined on your original Offer of Admission by the date specified on that offer.
  • A revised Offer of Admission will be sent, and you will need to confirm in writing your intention to enrol.

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