Before you apply please take a look at our comprehensive FAQ sections below to ensure you have answers to any questions you may have before starting an application with us.
While we welcome people from all backgrounds, a basic working knowledge of English is necessary. People for whom English is a second language should contact us.

Yes. The classes offered at MOMBI Extension do lead to a degree. The MOMBI Extension (classroom-based with an online component) program provides extensive resources such as customized texts; including practice exercise questions, lecture notes, quizzes, mock exams, and research and writing labs. There is also something very special about the MOMBI classroom-based training, you are surrounded by people of like faith. There are also many opportunities for hands-on training to compliment your classroom instruction. In the classroom setting you are receiving not only book knowledge and information, but an impartation that simply cannot be duplicated through online courses.

The same rigorous curriculum is applied across all methods.

Once all necessary information has been received, your file will be forwarded for an initial review. Our Admissions Office will update you on the progress of your application and inform you of any further materials your program of interest may require. You’ve waited at least 5 business days from the date of submission of the application, you are now ready to receive update on the progress of your application!
Our goal is to have an admissions officer assess your application, update your application status, and send correspondence to you within 1 week by an e-mail.
If you submit your application and are missing one or more requirements, your application status will be updated to “incomplete” and you will receive an e-mail stating that you must provide proof of meeting the missing requirement(s).
We will send you provisional admission letter containing your Student Identification Number. It is a eleven-digit number that enable you to register for a course. Kindly go to the top of the MOMBI website page and click the "Course Registration" link, from there follow the course registration instructions to complete your admission process.

An Application for Program Withdrawal may be made at any time, however fees are non-refundable after the first 2 days of your program.Please check our Refund Policy for more info.

Please reference the "Payment Options" page. This will contain all methods of payment for completing your transactions. Should you have any questions, please contact us via the Student Message Center from your account.
Not all MOMBI courses require test or thesis, but those that do are sent to a separate page with a login and password to the test page. 
Exam Description / Format ( It is all writing based) 
At MOMBI. We lay a Strong emphasis on writing, rather than questions and answers Examination (which is what many students are looking for). Your grades are earned entirely from writing a review on a selected courses module after a lot of reading, thinking, explaining, and writing. Many of the writing are word for word from the coursework. Student get more out of writing rather than questions and answers.

Note: You need to be able to email your instructor at scheduled intervals during the term in order to report progress and submit assignments and exams for grading. 

Policy after Successful Completion of the Exam (if applicable): 
Credit and Transcripts will be issued to a student who based on successfully completing the Exam.

Printed certificates, and degrees — also called parchments — are produced and mailed out, typically occurs 2-4 weeks after the successful completion of requirements.

Contact MOMBI through the Student Message Center. Item will be corrected at no charge if the MOMBI Staff makes a mistake. Make sure your spelling, capitalization and punctuation marks are like you want them on your certificate  (read more)
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Welcome! The opportunity to study the Bible and equip yourself without leaving your home, your job, and your church is a God given reality. Then prayerfully consider pursuing the training ground at MOMBI.

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