The Bachelor of Theology combines a rigorous academic training in Theology with a strong emphasis on theological reflection on ministerial practice. The course aims to enable students to integrate knowledge of biblical, doctrinal, historical and pastoral studies, contributing to their formation for Christian ministry.

CORE COURSES (33 Credits)

Code Course Name Credits
THY3201-B Introduction to the Old Testament


THY3202-B Introduction to the New Testament 4
THY1041-T Introduction to Hermeneutics 3
THY3206-R World Religions 3
THY1216-T Systematic Theology 3
THY1226-T The Apostles 3
THY3216-BL Biblical Interpretation 4
THY1207-T Ecclesiology 3
THY1227-T Apologetics 3
THY2206-T Homiletics 3

Special subject (proposed by the student, approved by the Supervisory Committee)

Select Three From The Following (12 Credits)

Course Code Course Name Credits
THY3131-BL Biblical Language


THY3041-R Origin of New Testament 4
THY1116-T Theology Proper 4
THY3216-R Church History 4
THY1441-T Ecumenism 4

Total Credits 45


A completed Application form. 
♦ Autobiographical Statement (300 words)
♦ An official transcript of the course/s completed, if applicable. 
♦ One copy of a recent photograph (passport size) in addition to the one affixed to the student profile page.
♦ Acceptable forms of identification: e.g., Valid National ID, Driver's License, or International Passport.
♦ Special subject (proposed by the student, approved by the Supervisory Committee), (Special subject  can be submitted After you have been admitted into the program, within 30 days therein.)


TIME TO COMPLETE: 16 Weeks or less


At MOMBI. We lay a Strong emphasis on writing, rather than questions and answers Examination (which is what many students are looking for). Your grades are earned entirely from writing a review on a selected courses module after a lot of reading, thinking, explaining, and writing. Many of the writing are word for word from the coursework. Student get more out of writing rather than questions and answers.



How much does it cost to complete Bachelor of Theology from application to graduation?

Total Cost: $250  

Explanation of Costs

Tuition—$150. This is the charge for teaching and instruction.
Graduation Fee--- $100. A graduation fee is charged to all degree applicants. The fee is nonrefundable. This fee covers the cost of degree audits and evaluations and shipping supplies and expenses.
*Tuition and costs are subject to change without notice.