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16 weeks (4-months)


$200 (₦76,000)


$15 (₦4,000) - Nonrefundable


The Bachelor of Theology combines a rigorous academic training in Theology with a strong emphasis on theological reflection on ministerial practice.

The course aims to enable students to integrate knowledge of biblical, doctrinal, historical and pastoral studies, contributing to their formation for Christian ministry


♦ THY3201-B Introduction to the Old Testament
♦ THY3202-B Introduction to the New Testament
♦ THY3206-R World Religions
♦ THY1216-T Systematic Theology
♦ THY1226-T The Apostles
♦ THY3216-BL Biblical Interpretation
♦ THY1207-T Ecclesiology
♦ THY1227-T Apologetics
♦ THY2206-T Homiletics

♦ Special subject (proposed by the student, approved by the Supervisory Committee)

Program Credits: 45


♦ THY3131-BL Biblical Language

♦ THY3041-R Origin of New Testament

♦ THY1116-T Theology Proper

♦ THY3216-R Church History

♦ THY1441-T Ecumenism

► explore the Bible in depth and to search for answers to some of the most pressing and confounding questions about God and Man
► understand the methods of Biblical, historical and systematic theology as a basis
► search for a deeper understanding of the Christian religion and its interpretation of the universe
► serve in ministry such as a local church or missions and develop abilities and virtues that will prepare them for their calling
► provide an in-depth Biblical foundation to supply the values,and knowledge needed to effectively serve in church ministry
► look closer at how Christianity engages culture and how to use the Christian faith to address our world’s toughest issues
► explore Christian doctrine and how it developed
► look at the texts, beliefs and histories of religious groups and interpret, understand and ask questions about them
► formulate essential principles and ethics of Christianity

♦  Applicants should have graduated from an accredited secondary school or hold a high school equivalency certificate.
♦  Autobiographical Statement (300 words)
♦  Submit your College Transcripts (if applicable)
♦  One copy of a recent photograph (passport size) in addition to the one affixed to the student profile page.
♦  Acceptable forms of identification: e.g., Valid National ID, Driver's License, or International Passport.