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MOMBI online self-paced courses combine the flexibility of a sixteen-week time period with the convenience of an offline/online format without overwhelming the student. Your online studies are usually divided into two main parts:

Four to thirteen-week will focus on course content offline and two to five-week is given to final assignments and exams online


Each student will be assigned to work directly with one Academic supervisor/instructor. Regardless of course conditions, the supervisor/instructor was available via the student message center. He responded to most student messages within five hours on average during the week. In one to one instruction, student will receive a tailored education with uninterrupted individual attention and fewer distractions.
The format of these one-on-one learning increases student’s participation and responsibility in the learning process because of the focused interaction between student and instructor. The one-on-one learning also empower students to take control over their studies, have the confidence to communicate what they need, and receive the personalized attention that will enable them to succeed.
Our instructors are dedicated to empowering each one of their students to achieve their educational goals and be prepared for a remarkable future. One-on-one interactions assist students in becoming the best versions of themselves and discovering a joy for lifelong learning.


Students have sixteen weeks respectively to work through the course material and successfully complete a course. Students may choose to enroll in a single course or participate in several courses at one time.


Enrollment is always open.

Enroll in as many terms as you like.

Download your full package of study materials to your computer.

Exams are accessed through our Online class.