Keeping you connected

All graduates of MOMBI are expected to register online. This will enable you to enjoy facilities, services and programs by the i
If you are a graduate of Mt. Olives Ministerial Bible Institute (MOMBI) we want to stay in touch with you. 
We want to ensure that our relationship with you continues beyond graduation. No matter how recently you join MOMBI, you can participate in a range of programs and events or join our social networks. 

The MOMBI Alumni Network is about keeping you connected with other MOMBI alumni and with your future. 
The Alumni Network  is an integral part of the MOMBI tradition of excellence, service, and caring. The alumni Network is provided resource information, institutional updating, as well as personal recognition and assistance.


Convenient. Affordable. Supportive.

Welcome! The opportunity to study the Bible and equip yourself without leaving your home, your job, and your church is a God given reality. Then prayerfully consider pursuing the training ground at MOMBI.

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